Recent Testimonials From Satisfied Clients!


“I was so excited to come to your clinic.  I purchased 6 sessions and  I lost 6″ in my waist/abdomen.  Your technician was very helpful in explaining the procedure. She was always on time and very pleasant. On a scale of 1-10, I’m a 10 as far as satisfaction goes! Thank you so much BodySlim”  K.W.

“I just had to write about what a wonderful experience I am having going to the laser center.  Debbie (the laser technician) is wonderful.  She is so professional and caring.  Her knowledge about what is happening with the laser is great and she takes the time you need to explain things thoroughly.  She is a true asset to your company and you should acknowledge her for the wonderful job she is doing.  I have had 4 treatments with 2 to go.  I am seeing results which makes me happy. I wish you continued success, and with Debbie on your team, you will do wonders.”  C.M.

I wanted to lose some inches around my abdomen. I had nine treatments and I lost a total of 7.5 inches around my waist. I am very happy with my results!!  I enjoyed my time at BodySlim!  J.L.

My experience at Body Slim far exceeded all my expectations.  In three short visits, I lost over 5 inches over my abdomen area.  The lasers were painless and the staff was knowledgeable, friendly and so supportive.  Truly a great experience…I would recommend to all my friends!  T.N.

I had some belly fat accumulate from stress over the years. At 5’8″ my 154 lb. frame is hardly overweight, but I wanted to trim up.  The treatment professionals here at BodySlim were very kind, polite, and friendly. My results are that I lost several pounds of belly fat! It feels good, and I’m very satisfied with my results.  N.P.

Before and After Photos of what is possible with the components of the BodySlim Laser Center Program




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